Academic Council

Responsibilties and Functions

  • A team of teachers prepares the academic programme for the year and monitors them.
  • They send out directions for effective curriculum transaction.
  • The committee is responsible for improving the results of the student and suggests remedial actions if needed.
  • A full-fledged academic calendar prepared by academic committee helps to bring in to practice the vision and mission envisaged by the college.
  • It provides a sense of direction and discipline to the activities as well as to the students who partake in organizing the activities of the college.
  • The Convener of Council issues notices of council meetings in consultation with the Principal.
  • The convener prepares and keeps the proceedings of the meetings.
  • Two days’ prior notice is given for usual meetings and urgent meetings are convened at short notice.

Committee Members

Sl.No Name Designation Position
1 Prof. Dr. Abdul Gafur M. Principal Chairman
2 Prof.Dr. Abdul Salam V.H. Director Member
3 Prof.Dr. Faisal M. H. Vice Principal Member
4 Ms.Angel P.Mathew AP/ECE Academic Coordinator
5 Ms.Athira Suresh AP /CE Member
6 Mr.Muhammed Musthafa P.A. AP/ME Member
7 Ms.Neetha John AP/EEE Member
8 Ms.Theresa Jose    AP/CSE Member
9 Ms.Shafna Muhammed AP/ECE Member
10 Ms.Sheena K.M. AP/MCA Member
11 Mr.Ramesh Krishnnan S. AP/MBA Member
12 Ms.Remya S.Nair AP/Maths Member
13 Ms.Nitha George AP/S&H Member
14 Ms.Ninimole P. AP/Maths (1st Year Coordinator) Member


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