Mentoring System

Mentoring is a systematic process focusing on student-staff adviser relationship for improving as well as achieving academic, career, and human values. Two staff members are allotted for each batch as mentors. The students can reveal their Academic/personal problems to their Mentors freely and frankly.

The following are the role and responsibilities of Mentor system.

  • The Mentor should monitor the performance of the students in internal examination and university examinations and also note their behaviour.
  • The students should take the prior permission from the Mentor before they are absent themselves from classes. They have to submit a leave note for the absence for a period / day / days to the Mentor.
  • The students will have to meet their Mentor when they are called for.
  • The mentor must meet their ward at least once in a month.
Academic Year Batch Mentors
2019-2023 A Mr. Arun Kumar M.
Ms. Aziya Shirin V S
B Mr. Muhammed Shafeek
Ms. Chinnu C. George
2020-2024 A Ms. Safiya K.M.
Ms. Chithra Rani P. R.
B Dr. Jinu Mohan
Ms. Saifa E. M.
2021-2025 A Mr. Shiju Shaikh Manakkulam
Ms. Nasreen Ali A
B Ms .Deepa P L
2022-2026 A MsSajeena Shaji
MsSafini E. M.
B Mr .Shanavas K. A.
Ms. Reshma K. H.




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