Civil Engineering
Programme Specialization


Sanctioned Intake


Civil Engineering

4 Years 120

Computer Aided Structural Engineering

2 Years 24

   The department started in the year 2002 and for the first three years, it functioned as a supporting department to other departments. In 2005, B.Tech in Civil Engineering was started with an intake of 60 students and the department started to function in a full-fledged manner. 

   The department is blessed with highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members, without whom the achievements were never possible. Many of our faculty members have secured university ranks at their U.G and P.G. level. Non-teaching staff members are also having good teaching and industrial experience. They are capable of handling any lab, which is highly beneficial to the students. 

   The Department has state of the art laboratories with vast area, machinery, equipments and other facilities. In addition to high quality teaching and instruction, the department offers technical consultancy services also. Testing facilities are provided for different construction materials in Material Testing laboratory and Transportation Engineering laboratory. 

   We are proud that the Environmental Engineering Laboratory of the department is a Government of Kerala approved Testing Center. We are entitled to conduct all sorts of tests and issue certificates to public. 

   Moreover, the department is constantly trying to build strong interactions with the industry. Our clients include private firms, industries, Government Departments and general public. The Department of Civil Engineering is highly committed to the interdisciplinary academic, research and co-curricular activities of the institute. The department is dedicated to provide the students good understanding of Civil Engineering solutions in a global, social and environmental context, consistent with the principles of sustainable development. 

   The department concentrates on the academic activities and gives motivation to students in cultural and extracurricular activities also. Present college football team consists of students of Civil Engineering Department. All the students of our department play an active role in social service activities in and around the area.


To expertise civil engineering education with strong emphasis on professional ethics and social commitment.

  • To impart effective teaching –learning process in Civil Engineering.
  • Promote industry - institute interaction with emphasis on knowledge exchange.
  • To encourage learners to utilize modern construction materials and technologies in infrastructures     and environmental related challenging projects for the betterment of the society.
  • To make learners familiar with advanced computing techniques to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the Civil Engineering projects.
  • To motivate learners to do higher studies, innovation, entrepreneurship, research and development and career advancement in Civil Engineering.

Message from the HOD


              Dr. D. Rameshkumar Ph.D.

                    Head of the Department

            Department of Civil Engineering


   Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering of ICET. The Department started in the year 2002 and started functioning in full swing in the year 2005 as the Civil Engineering branch was started in that year. The department offers B.Tech in Civil Engineering with 120 annual intake and M.Tech in Computer Aided Structural Engineering with 24 intakes. From the inception itself it is functioning with high level of discipline, academic performance and research activities which is greatly appreciated by the students and the public. We strongly believe that the shortcut to success is to dream high, work hard with sincerity and dedication to the profession and service mentality to the society.

      The back bone of the department is highly dedicated and energetic group of faculty members of various specializations. To help them, there are well experienced supporting staff members and well equipped laboratories with sophisticated equipments.

      The department aims to equip the students to be highly competent in the field of Civil Engineering through discipline, teamwork and professional and practical oriented training.



Overall Results

  • B.Tech Odd Sem 2018- 80%
  • M.Tech Odd Sem. 2018- 100%
  • B.Tech Even Sem. 2017- 80%
  • M.Tech Even Sem. 2017- 100%
  • B.Tech Odd Sem 2017-75%
  • M.Tech Odd Sem. 2017- 100%
  • B.Tech Even Sem 2016- 80%
  • M.Tech Even Sem. 2016- 100%
  • B.Tech Odd Sem 2016- 75%
  • M.Tech Odd Sem. 2016- 100%
  • B.Tech Even Sem 2015- 85%
  • M.Tech Even Sem. 2015- 100%


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