Stream Coordinators


Streams Subjects Stream Coordinators
Fluid & Thermal Science  ME 203- Mechanics of Fluids

Dr. Benny Paul (Head)

Mr. Mathews Johns

Mr. Bobin Jacob

Mr. Johny George

Mr. Govind G Nair




ME 204- Thermal Engineering
ME 205- Thermodynamics
ME 206- Fluid Machinery
ME 230- Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab
ME 232-  Thermal Engineering Lab
ME 302- Heat & Mass Transfer
ME 405- Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
ME 409- Compressible Fluid Flow
ME 431- Mechanical Engineering Lab
ME 465- Industrial Hydraulics
ME 403- Advanced Energy Engineering
BE 100- Engineering Mechanics
Design Engineering Courses BE 102- Design & Engineering

Mr.Rafeek Sidhic (Head)

Mr. Ansal Muhammed K

Mr. Jeevan Ealias

Mr. Dileep K S

Mr. Edu Krishnan V

CE 230- Material Testing Lab
ME 201- Mechanics of Solids
ME 202- Advanced Mechanics of Solids
ME 231- Computer Aided Machine Drawing Lab
ME 301- Mechanics of Machinery
ME 304- Dynamics of Machinery
ME 308- Computer-Aided Design & Analysis
ME 332- Computer Aided Design & Analysis Lab
ME 401- Design of Machine Elements I
ME 402- Design of Machine Elements II
Production & Industrial Engineering ME 210- Metallurgy & Materials Engineering

Mr.Jibin K George (Head)

Mr. Muhammed Musthafa P M

Mr. Akhil S Prasad

Mr. Basil Thomas

ME 220- Manufacturing Technology
ME 303- Machine Tools & Digital Manufacturing
ME 306- Advanced Manufacturing Technology
ME 312- Metrology & Instrumentation
ME 331- Manufacturing Technology Lab I
ME 334- Manufacturing Technology Lab II
ME 404- Industrial Engineering
HS 200- Business Economics
HS 300- Principles of Management
ME 366- Advanced Metal Joining Technology
ME 463- Automobile Engineering
ME 367- Non-Destructive Testing
IE 306- Supply Chain & Logistics Management
ME 476- Material Handling & Facilities Planning
BT 362- Sustainable Energy Processes
Basic Engineering Courses BE 101-02 - Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Sciences

Mr. Jeevan Ealias (Head)

Mr. Kiran Vijayan

Mr. Bobin Jacob

ME 110- Mechanical Engineering Workshop
BE 110- Engineering Graphics
Seminar & Project ME 341- Design Project

Mr. Rajesh R (Head)

Mr. Kiran Vijayan

Mr. Gautham S Vaidappilly


ME 451- Seminar & Project Preliminary
ME 492- Project



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