Stream Coordinators


Streams Subjects Stream Cordinator
Fluid & Thermal Engineering  ME 203- Mechanics of Fluids

Mr. Sadiqe A M

Mr. Mathews Johns

ME 204- Thermal Engineering
ME 205- Thermodynamics
ME 206- Fluid Machinery
ME 230- Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab
ME 232-  Thermal Engineering Lab
ME 302- Heat & Mass Transfer
ME 405- Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
ME 409- Compressible Fluid Flow
ME 431- Mechanical Engineering Lab
Design Engineering BE 102- Design & Engineering

Mr.Rafeek Sidhic

Mr. Jeevan Ealias

ME 201- Mechanics of Solids
ME 202- Advanced Mechanics of Solids
ME 231- Computer Aided Machine Drawing Lab
ME 301- Mechanics of Machinery
ME 304- Dynamics of Machinery
ME 308- Computer-Aided Design & Analysis
ME 332- Computer Aided Design & Analysis Lab
ME 341- Design Project
ME 401- Design of Machine Elements I
ME 402- Design of Machine Elements II
Production & Industrial Engineering ME 210- Metallurgy & Materials Engineering

Mr.Jibin K George

Mr. Muhammed Musthafa P M

ME 220- Manufacturing Technology
ME 303- Machine Tools & Digital Manufacturing
ME 306- Advanced Manufacturing Technology
ME 312- Metrology & Instrumentation
ME 331- Manufacturing Technology Lab I
ME 334- Manufacturing Technology Lab II
ME 404- Industrial Engineering
4 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mr.Hilal P.V.
Non-Destructive Testing
Operations Management
5 Mechanics Of Fluids    Mr.Ansal Muhammed K. 
Non-Destructive Testing
Advanced Energy Engineering
6 Metallurgy And Material Engineering Mr.Naveed Ali
Non-Destructive Testing

Life Skills

7 Engineering Graphics Mr.Akhil S. Prasad
Basics Of Mechanical Engineering
Fluid Mechanics
8 Mechanics  of Solids Mr.Jeevan Ealias
Dynamicsof Machinery
Supply Chain Management
9 Advanced Energy Engineering Mr.Muhammed Musthafa P.M.
Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
Dynamicsof Machinery
10 Design Of Machine Elements Mr.Jayaram C. Sasi
Manufacturing Technology
Marketing Management
11 Mechanics Of Machinery Mr.Arun Mathew
Manufacturing Technology
Dynamicsof Machinery
12 Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Mr.Sadiqe A.M. 
Heat And Mass Transfer

Operations  Management

13 Compressiblefluid Flow   Mr.Eldhose K.E.
Mechanicsof Fluids
Computer Aided Design And Drafting
14 Engineering Graphics Mr.Justin Sunny
Introduction  To Mechanical Engineering
Supply Chain Management
15 Mechanicsof Solids Mr.Mufeed V.E.
Design Of Machine Elements
Mechanics Of Fluids
16 Engineering Graphics Mr.Kiran Vijayan
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
Production Engineering
17 Thermodynamics Mr.Joseph Pappachan
Thermal Engineering
Machine Tool And Digital Manufacturing
18 Compressible Fluid Flow Mr.Vishnu R.
Thermal Engineering

Introduction  To Mechanical Engineering

19 Mechatronics and Machine Control Mr.Jibin K. Gerorge

Computer Aided Design And Drafting             

Advancede Metal Joining Techniques
20 Mechanics Of Fluids Mr.Muhammed Jasim
Dynamicsof Machinery
Production Engineering
21 Metallurgy And Material Engineering Mr.Vishnu P.S.
Thermal Engineering
Engineering Mechanics
22 Machine Tool And Digital Manufacturing Mr.Johny George
Thermal Engineering
Mechanics Of Fluids
23 Basic Mechanical Engineering Mr.Rajesh R.
  Design Engineering  
24 Thermal Engineering Mr.Deepak R.
  Fluid machinery  



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