Anti - Ragging Cell

    Ragging is strictly prohibited. The College has formed an anti-ragging committee and anti-ragging squad to prevent any possibility for ragging in the college and hostel premises and to recommend effective disciplinary measures in the event of ragging complaints. Students found to be indulged in ragging will be suspended forthwith from the college and hostels and could even be dismissed from the college. The decision of the Principal will be final and binding in all matters of discipline. The college will follow the latest directions of the Honourable Supreme Court in any case of ragging.

Chief  Co-ordinator

Vipin Thomas


Anti Ragging Cell Members

Sl. No. Name Department
1 All HODs All Department HODs
2 Mr. Ansal Muhammed Mechanical Engineering
3 Mr.Subin Suresh Electronics and Communication Engineering
4 Mr. Arunkumar  M Computer Science and Engineering
5 Mr.Joyal  Ulahannan Computer Science and Engineering
6 Mr. Ramcymol K.A Mathematics
7 Ms. Shamseena T.S Science and Humanities
8 Mr. Sheena K.M Master of Computer Applications
9 Ms. Beena V. S. Master of Business Administrations
10 Dr. Jainamma K. A. Library



Members Of Anti Ragging Squad

Name Of Faculty Department

Mr. Ranjan Abraham

Ms. Biby Aleyas

Mr. Basil Johny

Ms. Sonu Saju

Civil Engineering

Mr. Akhil S. Prasad

Mr. Bobin Jacob

Mr. Shafeer P.K

Mechanical Engineering

Ms. Danya B. Nair

Mr. Harikumar R.

Electrical and Electronics


Ms. Manjurani  Mathew

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Ms. Hafsath C. A.

Ms. Noorjahan  V. A.

Mr. Arun Kumar M.

Computer  Science and Engineering

Ms.Femina Sidhiq

Master of Business Administrations

Ms. Deepa Jacob


Mr. K. M. Basheer

Mr. Dileep M. B.

Mr. Aneesh M. Paul

Mr. Abdul Azeez

Ms. Sijini T. H.

Ms. Shermin Rasheed

Mr. Benny C. P.

Mr. Bebson Baby

Lab /Library




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