Stream Coordinator




Computing and Communication


Dr. E. Arun

  • CS307 Data Communication
  • CS364 Mobile Computing
  • CS361 Soft Computing
  • CS407 Distributed Computing
  • CS409 Cryptography & Network Security
  • CS472 Principles of Information Security
  • CS468 Cloud Computing 
  • Elective 5
  • CSt285 Data Communication

Network &Project 

Dr. Anita B. M.

  • HS200 Business Economics
  • HS210 Life Skills
  • HS300 Principles of Management
  • CS306 Computer Networks
  • CS308 Software Engg and Project Management
  • CS451 Seminar & Project Preliminary
  • CS341 Deisgn Project
  • CS492 Project
  • HUT 200 Professional Ethics
  • MCN202 Constitution of INDIA
  • EST200 Deisgn and Engineering
  • MCN201 Sustainable Engnineering
  • CST266 Introduction to computer networks

Foundation of Computer Systems


Dr. U. Barakath Nisha

  • CS201 Discrete Computational Structures
  • CS301 Theory of Computation
  • CS365 Optimization Techniques
  • CS367 Logic for Computer Science
  • CS461 Computational Geometry
  • CS469 Computaional Complexity
  • CS466 Data Science
  • CS309 Grph theory and Combinatorics
  • CST292 Number Theory

System Software


Ms. Nurjahan V. A


  • CS204 Operating System
  • CS232 FOSS Lab
  • CS303 System Software
  • CS331 System Software Lab
  • CS304 Compiler Design
  • CS431 Compiler Design Lab
  • CST206 Operating Systems
  • CST206 Operating Systems Lab

Artificial Intelligence 


Ms. Rosna P Haroon


  • CS366 Natural Language Processing
  • CS465 Bio-informatics
  • CS467 Machine Learning
  • CS402 Data Mining and Ware Housing
  • CS462 Fuzzy Set Theory and Applications
  • CS464 Artificial Intelligence
  • CST283 Python for Machine Learning
  • CST294 Computaional Fundamentals for Machine Learning
  • CST284 Mathematics for Machine Learning



Ms. Theressa Jose


  • CS203 Switching Theory and Logic Design
  • CS202 Computer Organization and Architecture 
  • CS305 Microprocessor and Microcontroller
  • CS332 Microprocessor Lab
  • CS372 High Performance Computing
  • CS405 Computer System Architecture
  • CS363 Signals and Systems
  • CST202 Computer Organisation and Architecture
  • CST203 Logic System Design
  • CSL202 Digital Lab
Algorithms & Storage Structure


Ms. Hafsat C. A

  • CST201 Data Structures
  • CSL201 Data Structures Lab
  • CST204 Database Managementr Systems
  • CS333 Application Software Development Lab
  • CS465 Data Science
  • CS302 Design and Analysis of Algorithm

Programming Languages


  • CST205 Object Oriented Programming using in Java
  • CST282 Programming Methodologies
  • CST203 Object oriented programming lab using Java
  • CST281 Object Oriented Programming
  • CS334 Network Programming Lab
  • CS403 Programming Paradigms
  • CST296 Principles of program analysis and verification

Mr. Muhammed Shafeek

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