Results and Rank

Performance of Class Toppers

Ayishathu Noora Aslam of S2 Civil Engineering, Arshitha Fathima M.S of S4 Civil Engineering, Fabeena Basheer of S6 Civil Engineering and Fathima Nourin of S8 Civil Engineering are the class toppers in 2017-2018 academic Year. 

  • Ayishathu Noora Aslam of S2 CE has secured 10 CGPA in S1 KTU.
  • Arshitha fathima M S of S4 CE secured 9.615 CGPA in S3 KTU.
  • Fabeena Basheer of S6 CE secured 9.167 CGPA in S5 KTU.
  • Fathima Nourin of S8 CE secured 83.04 % in S7 MGU.
  • Best out going Student of Civil Engineering Department is Ms. Rifna Raphy.


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