Department Facilities

Electronics Circuits & Power Electronics Lab

Sl.No. Equipments
1  Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
2  Function Generator
3  Isolation Transformer
4  Inductance Box
5  LCR Meter
6  Auto Transformer
7  Multimeter (Digital and Analog)
8  UGT Firing Module
9  Microprocessor Based Thyristor Triggering Module
10  DC Chopper Trainer Kit
11  Single Phase Series Inverter
12  Single Phase Bridge Converter with R, RL Load
13  DC and AC Phase Control using SCR, DIAC and TRIAC
14  Loading Rheostat
15  Automatic Lighting control with SCR and Opto electronic components
16  SCR, MOSFET, IGBT and TRIAC Static Characteristic Module
17    Resistors ,Capacitors , Opamps, 555 timers 


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