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      The Training and Placement Office, ICET facilitates the process of placement of students passing out from the Institute besides collaborating with leading organizations and institutes in setting up of internship and training program of students. The Training and Placement Cell is the nodal point of contact for companies seeking to establish a continual relationship with ICET. The mission and endeavor of this department are to enhance and facilitate the process of employment for its learner population for entry-level jobs, matching with their academic profiles. In the present day business scenario, companies demand job-ready candidates for employment in the shortest possible time. The qualified students are equipped with employable skills suitable for the respective domain they aspire to start their careers.

Taking into account this scenario, the cell has aligned its strategies to enhance the Employability Quotient of the students by imparting employable skills training after their skills mapping, pre-assessment and bridging the gaps through appropriate training. The resources are hired as per the requirements of the training curriculum and quality is the prime focus in identifying faculties for the same. These programs help the students to imbibe in them, a unique and efficient culture suitable enough to start a career at par with their expectations. The cell conducts on-campus and off-campus placement and employability enhancement activities as per the schedules planned before the placement cycle.


Roles and responsibilities:

  • Conduct career guidance classes and seminars for students to impart proper awareness.

  • Assist the students with job and internship search strategies,developing a resume, building interview and group discussion skills, and networking with professionals in the respective fields.

  • To make tie ups with potential recruiters/relevant Institutions/Companies for suitable placement of the students.

  • Placement Cell makes liaison with these Companies and arranges for career placement.

  • Cell will take responsibility in conducting campus interviews, in-house interviews and submit the up-to-date placement statistics to the Principal.

  • Identify students interested in taking higher studies and guide them by identifying prestigious institutions(e.g.Indian Institute of Management, IIT, Best Ranking Universities in the USA/ Canada/ Germany/UK).

  • Career guidance cell organize workshops/seminars/guestlectures for the students to improve their self-confidence, to build positive attitude, communication skills etc.

  • The T & P Cell ensures the best arrangements and hospitality for the visiting companies officials. It provides all audio-visual facilities for PowerPoint Presentations, written test, group discussion and interviews.

  • Continuation of the placement activities till all the students are placed.







Company Name


Farsana K B CSE TCS


Sajana Mytheen CSE TCS


Farisa V Rephy CE TCS


Ashik K H CE TCS


Farheen Ummer EEE TCS


Shanavas Klam EEE TCS
7 Soofiya Shams  EEE TCS


Amina Azeez MCA  TCS


Rahul Rajeev MCA  TCS


Anjana K P MCA  TCS


Dhiana M  MCA  TCS


Sunaif Majeed CSE Infosys


Anna Susan Joe CSE Infosys


Akhil Prabha ECE Infosys
15 Ali Badhusha CE Infosys
16 Shabana Shanavas CE Infosys
17 Shifano Rehim CE Infosys
18 Anix Sam Saji CSE Wipro
19 Aleena Ibrahim CSE Wipro
20 Sangeeth Mathew John EEE Wipro
21 Imran Sakkeer CSE UST
22 Muhammed Sameer E S CSE UST
23 Aswin K G ECE UST
24 Devaprasad P EEE UST
25 Ansiya Salam EEE UST
26 Sangeeth Mathew John EEE UST
27 Anu Rajan MCA  UST
28 Swathisha P S MCA  UST
29 Muhammed Ameen N K MCA  UST
30 Jerin Paul MCA  UST
31 Thasni V S MCA  UST
32 Aleena Ibrahim CSE Tata Elxsi
33 Imran Sakkeer CSE Quest Global
34 Arya Gopal CSE Quest Global
35 Sangeeth Mathew John EEE Quest Global
36 Anix Sam Saji CSE Dexlock
37 Rakesh Ramachandran CSE  Dexlock
38 Mufeed Ali CSE Innovature
39 Sreesanth CSE Innovature
40 Sunaif Majeed CSE Innovature
41 Albin Andrew EEE Innovature
42 Ajmal Saidh EEE Innovature
43 Shehara Ashraf MCA  Innovature
44 Anix Sam Saji CSE IBS
45 Ansiya Sudheer ECE Poornam Info Vision
46 Harsha Salih CSE Poornam Info Vision
47 Sunaif Majeed CSE Poornam Info Vision
48 Alan M Eldho CSE Interland Technologies
49 Ashish Joy CSE Interland Technologies
50 Afrina Pareeth CSE Interland Technologies
51 Arya Gopal CSE Interland Technologies
52 Murshid P Abdul Rasheed MCA  Atos Syntel
53 Rakesh Ramachandran CSE Atos Syntel
54 Devika Radhakrishnan CSE Speridian Technologies
55 Alan M Eldho CSE Speridian Technologies
56 Anna Susan Joe CSE Speridian Technologies
57 Aswin K G ECE Speridian Technologies
58 Aparna Bimal MCA  Speridian Technologies
59 Ansiya Sudheer ECE Aspire Systems
60 Farhana Hidayath CSE Aspire Systems
61 Afrina Pareeth CSE Aspire Systems
62 Arya Gopal CSE Aspire Systems
63 Aaliya Basheer ECE Byju's
64 Shabana Shanavas CE Byju's
65 Anjana Manoj CSE Missan IT Solutions
66 Asiya C M CSE Missan IT Solutions
67 Aysha Sakkeer CSE Face Prep
68 Afnitha Sahier CSE Face Prep
69 Alan Joy MCA  Face Prep
70 Anjana Manoj CSE Face Prep
71 Althaf Bin Abdulla ECE Naico IT Services
72 Akhila P M MCA  Naico IT Services
73 Fathima Abdul Kareem ECE Mindcurv Technology Solutions
74 Mufeed Ali CSE Broadcom
75 Anila P M MCA  CloudifyOps
76 Anjana Manoj CSE Birla Soft
77 Gopika Sabu MCA  90+ My Tuition App
78 Aswathy Ramachandran MCA  Nosce Techno Solutions
79 Mini Roy MCA  Nosce Techno Solutions
80 Jibin Jose MCA  Nosce Techno Solutions
81 Sulphiya Rasheed MCA  Nosce Techno Solutions
82 Asjid Kalam CSE ActivBytes
83 Sumayya Hidayath CE Sutherland
84 Shifano Rehim CE Sutherland
85 Amna Siya Nufayil CE Sutherland
86 Devika S CE Sutherland
87 Shabana Shanavas CE Sutherland
88 Aaysha Irfana CE Sutherland
89 Fathma Beevi K CE Sutherland
90 Sajid Ali M A CE Sutherland
91 Alvin Thomas CE Sutherland
92 Shafeena P M CE Sutherland
93 Anna Susan Joe CSE Sutherland
94 Richu Paul CSE Sutherland
95 Jesiya Lal CSE Sutherland
96 Alia Karim CSE Sutherland
97 Harsha Salih CSE Sutherland
98 Noufal Salih CSE Sutherland
99 Afnitha Sahier CSE Sutherland
100 Chinju Mol Biju CSE Sutherland
101 Saleena Ismail CSE Sutherland
102 Jaseela A A CSE Sutherland
103 Fathima Nasar CSE Sutherland
104 Ashish Joy CSE Sutherland
105 Muhammed Faizal K N CSE Sutherland
106 Fathima Abdul Kareem ECE Sutherland
107 Treesa Joseph ECE Sutherland
108 Aaliya Basheer ECE Sutherland
109 Abhishek Manikandan ECE Sutherland
110 Adhila Unas ECE Sutherland
111 Akhil Prabha ECE Sutherland
112 Fathima Jafar ECE Sutherland
113 Anwar Sadique ECE Sutherland
114 Akhil S R ECE Sutherland
115 Asiya Basheer ECE Sutherland
116 Amrutha Dilip ECE Sutherland
117 Salman Yuseph ME Sutherland
118 Sanjai Sajeev ME Sutherland
119 Mohammed Rayyan ME Sutherland
120 Swathisha P S MCA  Sutherland
121 Gopika Sabu MCA  Sutherland
122 Murshid P Abdul Rasheed MCA  Sutherland
123 Ebin Sabu MCA  Sutherland
124 Anila P M MCA  Sutherland
125 Ashitha Rasheed MCA  Sutherland
126 Shahina MCA  Sutherland
127 Anjana K P MCA  Sutherland
128 Anjana V MCA  Sutherland
129 Ansala Asharaf MCA  Sutherland
130 Najmal Fawaz MCA  Sutherland

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