Best Techie 2K17-18

   As a part of ”OBSQURA 2K18“ Computer Science and Engineering Department organized a technical fiesta “Best Techie” in association with UST GLOBAL on 23rd and 24th February 2018. This event is to find the best techie based on their skills like coding, logical reasoning, technical knowledge and aware of current trends in new technological world. It comprised of five rounds .Preliminary round, technical quiz, code jam.Those rounds were evaluated by our college itself .The last two rounds Group discussion and Stress interview were evaluated by Ms. Rekha Mathews, head of India campus relationship UST Global and Mr. Liju Gopalakrishnan, Senior Associate HR UST Global. Ms. Ruby Mathew from Mar Athanasius College of Engineering and Technology secured the  first position of the event. It was a platform for the candidates to showcase the technical excellence in them.


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