Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Staff Achievements : 2016-17


1. Ms. Thanuja Mary Abraham has participated and presented a paper  ” DC DC Converter on Smart Electric Vehicle ” in the IEEE Sponsored International Conference ‘ ICCTCT-2017 ’ held at karpagam  College Of Engineering on March 2017.

2. Mr. Jubin Eldho Paul, ” An Interleaved High Step-Down Conversion Ratio of  Buck Converter with Low Low Switch Voltage Stress ”  IRJET,vol.4,Issue3,March 2017.

3. Mr. Harikumar R. , ” A Novel  Transformer-less Four Phase Buck Converter with Low Voltage Stress and Automatic Current Sharing ”, IRJET, vol.4, Issue1, January 17.

4. Ms. Neetha John, ” A Single Switch High Coupled Inductor Boost Converter ”,published in IRJET,vol.4,Issue2,February 2017.

5. Ms. Lakshmi Krishnan got 100 percent result in KTU for 2016-20 batch Students.

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