College Facilities

Campus Infrastructure



    In ICET spacious class rooms are available. Each class is well equipped with resources like desks, benches, podium, table, chair, lights and fans  for the smooth conduct of the sessions. Each bench is designed in such a way that it can be occupied with three students at a time. All classrooms are available with adequate number of windows which will provide proper air circulation and light in to the class. The required free areas are provided in the room to make a way for the walk.



College Laboratories 


   The laboratories in departments are intended to give practical experience to the students. Laboratories are useful for students to implement the theory in practical aspects and helps student to apply their knowledge of theory for various courses of their course outcomes. Our institution is equipped with highly developed   labs, that have superior quality and sophisticated equipment that allows students to design, implement and think beyond horizon. All the laboratories are equipped with variety of software tools which are necessity of today’s industrial requirement.

Computer Centre


   Computer Centre is the central place for campus-wide networking and Internet connectivity. Backbone connectivity initiates from this Centre and caters to more than 1000 nodes across the campus. Centre is equipped with Web Server, Academia Server, E- Mail Server, Security Wall, Bandwidth Management and Data Servers. The Computer centre has network infrastructure consisting routers, switches. Centre also houses cluster of Windows and Linux based servers for mailing and web application hosting. The existing institute network has Fiber backbone whereby all departments/ sections/ hostels are connected with the computer centre.

   Computer centre provides computational facilities to all users in the Institute. Students, staff and faculty from all departments, sections and centers in the campus can obtain accounts to access internet and email services. Computer centre also provides various advanced and special purpose software for all the campus users.

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