Planning and Monitoring


Planning and Monitoring Committee:

Planning and Monitoring Committee has been formed for planning, monitoring and evaluating various administrative, financial, research, curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the institution.

Functions of Planning and Monitoring Committee

  • Review and recommend budget of various departments and monitor budget utilization of previous year.
  • Periodically review minutes of HODs meeting and all committee meetings in the institution.
  • Approve institution and department academic schedule / calendar and allocate relevant funds for implementation
  • Planning of academic/ co-curricular / extra-curricular activities for the forthcoming semester / academic year.
  • Discuss feedback analysis report of stakeholders and suggests corrective measures towards improvement of Institution.
  • Overview the research and development activities of college in each year and make suggestions for further improvements.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of various processes in the institution periodically, towards continuous improvement.

Planning and Monitoring Committee Members






Dr. K. A. Navas Principal Chairman


Dr. Abdul Salam V.H. Director Member
3. Dr. Faisal M.H. Vice Principal Member
4. Dr. Jahubar Ali Dean/Student Affairs Member
5. Dr. Laju Kottalil HOD/CE Member
6. Dr. Sujith Kumar HOD/CSE Member
7. Dr. Abhiraj T.K. HOD/EEE Member
8. Mr. Vipin Thomas HOD/ECE Member
9. Dr. Benny Paul HOD/ME Member
10. Ms. Nisha Shamsudin HOD/MCA Member
11. Mr. Sinosh P.K. HOD/MBA Member
12. Dr. K.P. Sudheer Professor/IIT Madras Member/Educationalist
13. Mr. Navaz Meeran Chairman/ Eastern Group of Companies Member/Industrialist
14. Mr. Ranjan Abraham AP/CE Member/Faculty


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