Mentoring System

    Mentor system has been introduced to create a better and effective student-teacher relationship. All teachers work as Mentors to the students allotted to them. The students can reveal their Academic/personal problems to their Mentors freely and frankly.

The following are the role and responsibilities of Mentor system.

  • The Mentor should monitor the performance of the students in tests and university examinations and also note their behaviour.
  • The students should take the prior permission of the Mentor before they are absent themselves from classes. They have to submit a leave note for the absence for a period / day / days to the Mentor.
  • The students will have to meet their Mentor when they are called for.
  • The mentor must meet their ward at least once in a month.


   Batch Name of Mentors
2016-20      Ms. Sumi Babu / Ms. Manju Mathew
2017-21 Ms. Chaithanya G. Nair/ Ms. Shafna Muhammed 
2018-22 Ms. Suranya. G /Ms. Shafna Muhammed
2019-23 Ms. Lekshmi M. S / Mr. Shafan Salam
2020-24 Ms. Manju Mathew.
2021-25 Ms. Chaithanya G.Nair
2022-26 Ms. Shafna Muhammed/Ms. Sumi Babu



















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