Department Profile

      Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in ICET was started in the year 2002. It offers Under-Graduate programme (B.Tech.) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

      It is dedicated to the current needs of industry. One of the main focus in the activities of the department is the application of new technology in various fields. With the help of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff, the department provides excellent education both in theory and practical courses. The department has grown not only in terms of student and faculty strength, but also in improving the laboratory facilities for the teaching and research purposes. The department has the following dedicated and state of the art teaching/research laboratories.

      To keep pace with the recent advances, software like MATLAB, Lab view, Electrical CAD etc. are used. Faculty members are actively involved in research activities in areas like Power Electronics, Power Systems and Control Systems etc. The learners are guided by the eminent faculty members to do in-house projects. This gives an exposure to our learners in the core area of electrical engineering and encourages them to take up jobs in industries.

      Along with the academic activities the department provides co-curricular activities like, technical workshops, seminars, industrial trainings etc. In our department we have a program called ‘Speakers Club’ to improve the communication skills of the students and to give them proper career guidance. We had given a common platform called ‘FUNLAB’ for Electrical and Electronic students of Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology to discuss innovative ideas and convert into useful products and services.

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