Program Educational Outcome.

Program Educational Outcome.


PEO1:    To introduce candidates all the new and old application and technologies so that they can work in the industry competently


PEO2:    To improve or develop leadership and organizational qualities of candidates so that they can led or be a part of any team


PEO3:    To provide students a back ground in various streams in civil Engineering so that they can go for higher studies.


PEO4:    To enable the students to acquire knowledge themselves through lifelong learning.


PEO5:    To improve the communication and discipline qualities of candidates so that they can work in any adverse environment


PEO6:    To follow them the responsibilities towards society

Program Outcome

PO 1  Engineering knowledge

PO2   Problem analysis

PO3   Design/development of solutions

PO4   Conduct investigations of complex problems

PO5   Modern tool usage

PO6   The engineer and society

PO7   Environment and sustainability

PO8   Ethics

PO9   Individual and team work

PO10 Communication

PO11 Project management and finance

PO12 Life-long learning


Programme  Specific Outcomes (PSO’s)
PSO 1: To identify, analyse and suggest solutions for the issues faced by the present and future generation related to Civil Engineering fields.
PSO 2:  To prepare plan , drawings , estimates , reports , execute all Civil engineering projects by applying modern construction techniques , equipments and softwares which will equip them to complete the project in the               stipulated time and cost.

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