Academic Audit Cell


  • To ensure academic accountability.
  • To define quality of each component of the functionalities and to ensure quality of technical education throughout the system.
  • To safeguard functionalities of technical education.
  • To define effectiveness of teaching – learning process and to devise methodology to confirm maximum output from faculty members as well as students.


Academic Audit Members 2018
Branch Department Convener Department Faculty in-Charge
Civil Engineering Ms. Remya Raju  
Mechanical Engineering Dr. Jobin Varghese  
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dr. Anoopa Jose Chittilapilly  
Electronics and Communication Engineering Ms. Angel P Mathew  
Computer Science and Engineering Dr. Anita Brigit Mathew  
Information Technology Ms. Neethu Roy  
Master of Business Administration  Ms. Anju Markose  
Master of Computer Application Ms. Nisha Shamsudeen  
Science and Humanities Ms. Nini Mol  


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