A deep knowledge and an aptitude for Mathematics is the most essential tool for the modern graduate engineers. The faculty feels that it is high time to revamp the conventional method of teaching; transfer of knowledge from the faculty to the learners. The division has well qualified and experienced faculty. They have expertise in various field of applied Mathematics such as Graph Theory, Fluid Mechanics, Operation Research, and Calculus, Differential equations. They motivate the new learners to do new and larger projects through creative thinking. The Faculty is trying to develop problem solving and computation skills crucial for their personal and Organizational goals.

      To impart mathematical knowledge to learners to produce competent and socially responsible professionals.

  1. To inculcate learners the ability to apply mathematical and computational skills to model, formulate and solve real world applications.
  2. To acquire academic excellence through indepth teaching and learning relevant to society.
  3. To make learners to develop mathematical thinking to solve complex engineering situations.
  4. To provide platform for the learners to explore their innovative and creative skills for the development of state of art technology.

Message from the HOD


                      Dr. A. Jahubar Ali M.E, Ph.D. 


                                Head of the Department

                            Department of Mathematics


   The Department of Mathematics consisting of 8 experienced and competent members is an integral part of the institution. The department facilitates ample exposure and experience in Mathematics in the undergraduate level engineering programme, the department offers courses in Mathematics up to the fourth semester. Four important topics under engineering mathematics are included in the curriculum as different subjects.  They are, calculus in the first semester, differential equations in the second, linear algebra & complex analysis in the third and probability distributions, transforms and numerical methods in the fourth semester.

   In the postgraduate level engineering programmes, the department offers courses in Mathematics in the first semester.

   The objective of the courses is to create engineers with strong mathematical background, creative thinking and problem solving skills, through systematic training and research and by discovering feasible solutions to challenging real world problems.

   The department aims at the holistic development of students through counseling sessions, NSS activities, Personality development program and a host of other activities

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