·Department Library has a huge collection of books related to Computer Applications. This can accommodate 40 members at a time. IT contains online resources and technical journals. Here users can refer CD, DVD, E-Books etc. It is WI-FI  supported  with 18mbps leased line & hence user can browse the internet.

Library Rules

· Strict silence should be observed in the library.

· Only students with ID card are allowed to enter the library.

· Students without uniform are not allowed to enter the library except on   Wednesdays.

· Books and other materials should not be brought to the library.

· Own Books, journals should be handled with care, the users will be responsible for any damage/disfigurations caused and pay the fine.

· Students can borrow 3 books at a time using ID cards.

· Library users are not permitted to use others ID cards while charging or discharging their books.

· Ensure the conditions of the book, before you get the same or the book issued.

· Do not write, mark/underline or sign on the library books.

· The borrowed book should be returned on the date marked on the label of the book/card. Absence from the college will not be an excuse.More than one renewal is not allowed.

· A fine of Rs.1/- will be charged per book per day from the defaulters.

· Loss of library books should be reported to the librarian immediately. Books lost or damaged will have to be replaced. 





                                                LAB FACILITIES

Sl No


LAB  Configuration

Tools installed





No of systems 64

Dell 990-i3,4Gb,250Hdd,17’’LCD

Windows& Linux

PHP,Java, Git,Android studio,Oracle,OpenGL



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