Student Staff Projects

  • Automatic Traffic System

   Developed an Embedded Project which controls the traffic system in a real time basis. It will manage the traffic in an effective manner so as to reduce the traffic congestion to the minimum

  • Voice Control Notice Board

   Developed an Embedded Project which receives voice from the user and it display on the notice board as text. It may applicable to educational institutions, various companies etc.

  • A Tri Coptor Based Auto Pilot System

   This Project focuses on developing an auto pilot system on a T configured tri- copter. A tri- copter is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that is controlled remotely by a human with a radio transmitter.

  • Smart Basket

   This Project automatically calculates the total amount bill of purchase. Whenever the customer put an item in to the basket, the bill automatically computed. It may be applicable to simplify the shopping experience.

  • Mouse Glove

   This project is the next generation mouse made for the ease of the user. The glove  makes movement faster, easier and precise. The Bluetooth connected glove helps to move around anywhere with control still in our hands.

  • Kapcl- An E-Commerce Website with Android Based Client-Side Application

   KAPCL is generally a PHP based website with an Android based client-side application. The administrator will be able to make different products available to the customers by adding them to the website. Currently the website lets the administrator to add the product name, price per unit, minimum quantity purchasable, images of the product, product description, etc. Despite adding new products, the website also enables the administrator to update the current product’s details, edit their profile, view the order status, add new customers and view the inventory. The website is built using PHP, HTML & SQL+ for database support.

Group No


Project Name



Vince Cyriac

Realtime Accident Detection and Reporting System

Ms. Joona George

Arif Mon

Sharoon Al Ibrahim

Rahul P H


Muhammed Ijas

Electronic Health Record System Based on Block Chain

Ms. Rosna P Haroon

Shamiya C K

Ashik N S

Alfred Iby


Adal Kamarudeen

The Nutrition Monitoring System - Nutrition - Daily

Mr. Shefeek Muhammed

Shabin Hussain

Jithu Raj Mohan

Hari Sudarsanan


Ensha C Latheef

A Realtime Hand Gesture Recognition System to Convert Sign Languages to Words

Ms. Nurjahan V A

Jesna Shereef

Shafna Shajahan

Ruksana Rasheed


Saranya Balakrishnan

Pattern Matching for Social Sentimental Analysis

Ms. Theresa Jose

Rinu Moncy

Simi James

Amrutha Sudarsanan


Vysakh Raju

Identity Management System Using Block Chain

Ms. Hafsath C A

Ans Johny

Aparna Sudarsanan


Abina Makkar

Collaborative filtering Based Event Planning

Ms. Safiya K M

Suhila K M

Samina Aliyar

Akhil Thomas


Sreleshmi M S

Digitalization of Immigration Management in a Cloud Storage Platform using Block Chain and Biometric System

Dr. Anitta Brigit Mathew

Bismi Hameed

Dayana P Paul

Salwa P S


Gobin Varghese

Air Index andSound Pollution Forcasting System

Ms. Arun Kumar M

Devika C G

Muhammed Suhail C Z


Manjima Manohar

Heart Disease Prediction System using Deep Learning

Ms. Nurjahan V A

Mehanu Jaleel

Alen Paul Varghese

Ebin Kuriakose


Muhammed Rafi P M

Smart Grab - A multipurpose Shopping Aid

Ms. Nasreen Ali

Alfiya C J

Muneer P P

Justin Paul Jose


Saran Kumar S

s - Search Rank Fraud and Malware Detection in Google Play

Ms. Sumina Marakkar

Nusrin Dyni

Nersha A

Sherin Jamal


Asif Salam

Plant Disease Prediction using Machine Learning

Ms. Meeramol T K

Harron Benny

Jabir Ahmed

Muhammed Ajmal Hussain


Muhammed Ashir

Smart RTO Management System with Helmet Detection

Dr. U Barakkath Nisha

Anjana Shiju

Aparna Surendran

Rahees E P


Sayed Muzammil Thangal

Water Quality Monitoring System using ML

Ms. Hafsath C A

Alan Eldhos

Ijas Ahmed





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