Mechanical Engineering

What Our Faculties Achieved -(2016-2018)


International Journal


  1. Dr. Mohammed Yahaya Khan “Puffing and Micro-explosion Behaviour of Water in Pure Diesel Emulsion droplets during Leiden-frost Effect”, Combustion Science and Technology, 2018, 189 (7), 1186–1197, March 2018, (ISI indexed with impact factor 1.35).


  1. Mr. Faisal M.H., Comparison of Mechanical and wearing properties between LM13 matrix and Stir cast LM13/B4C/GR Hybrid composites of various composition” "International Journal of Engineering and Technology" bearing  Vol.7, Issue No. 1.1 (2018) special issue 1,  Pages 193 – 198, January 2018, (which is a Scopus indexed and Elsevier supported journal).


  1. Mr. Faisal M.H., Micro structural and static structural analysis    of LM6/B4C and LM6/B4C/GR hybrid aluminium metal matrix composites” "International Journal of Engineering and Technology” bearing Volume 7 No1.1 (2017) , Pages 37 – 42, December 2017 (which is a Scopus indexed and Elsevier supported journal).


  1. Mr. Faisal M.H., “Fabrication of Aluminium alloy (LM6),Boron Carbide (B4C) and Graphite (GR) metal matrix composites” in Journal for Research, Volume 2, Issue 7, Sept 2016;ISSN: 2395-7549.


  1. Mr. Ansal Muhammed, “Study of Mechanical Properties of treated palm seed fibre epoxy composite” in Journal for Research , Volume 2, Issue 7, Sept 2016;ISSN: 2395-7549.


  1. Mr. Mufeed V.E., “ Performance enhancement of fluidised bed drier by using six duct plenum chamber ” in International Journal of scientific research and management (IJSRM), Volume 4, Issue 06, Pages 4333-4337,  June 2016,  ISSN (e): 2321-3418.


  1. Mr. Arun Mathew, “International Journal of Innovative Research in Advanced Engineering (IJIRAE) ISSN: 2349-2163, Volume 1, Issue 10, November 2014, ISSN: 2349-2163.

International Conferences


  1. Dr. Mohammed Yahaya Khan, “Experimental Investigation of Performance and Emission Characteristics of an IDI Diesel Engine using Homogenized Water in Diesel Emulsion”, International Conference on Green Manufacturing: Analytics, Automation, Processes, Products, Energy and Structures (GM: AAPPES 2018), Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai, 28th and 29th March 2018.


  1. Mr. Johny George, “Numerical comparison of planar-double diverged nozzles with CD nozzle having same  area ratio and diverged length”, 10th International conference on computational  Heat, Mass and Momentum transfer on 28th June 2017, 760749, Seoul, South Korea.

National Conferences


  1. Mr. Vishnu P.S., “17th National Conference on Technological Trends 2016 (NCTT-2016)” conducted at College of Engineering Trivandrum. (ITAC-2016), April 2016.


  1. Mr. Hilal P.V., “Enhancement of performances and reduction of emissions in a single cylinder four stroke direct injection diesel engine using biodiesel from waste cooking oil” conducted at Karpagam University Annual Research Congress (KUARC), March 2016.


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