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National Service Scheme (NSS)

National service scheme (NSS) is a student centered program and it is complementary to education. It was formally launched on 24th September1969. It is a noble experiment in academic extension. It brings the spirit of voluntary work among students and teachers through sustained community interaction.NSS activities of technical institutions in Kerala come under NSS technical cell, Kerala. Head office of NSS technical cell is at Kalamassery, Ernakulam. The 15000+team of committed NSS volunteers and 150+ programme officers of the technical cell come under the directorate of technical education Kerala.

NSS Office Hierarchy

  Arunkumar M
NSS Programme Officer, Unit No: 199

Jubin Eldho Paul
NSS Programme Officer, Unit No: 580

Althaf  P S
Volunteer Secretary

Unit No:199

 Anooth Raj
Volunteer Secretary
Unit No:199

Muhammed Sameer
Volunteer Secretary
Unit No:580

Simna P. P
Volunteer Secretary
Unit No:580

The overall aim of NSS is the personal development of students through social service. It gives an extension dimension to higher education system and orient the student youth to community service, to create social engineers for the society and to acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude. The motto of NSS is "NOT ME BUT YOU", this itself reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of the other persons point of view & also to show consideration for fellow human beings.

College level activities conducted in ICET are:

* Cleaning of Virippakkatu chira in Kottappady Grama panchayath for 7 day annual camp 2016.

* Chlorination programs against hepatitis. * State camps conducted in our college under NSS Technical Cell

* Immunization programs.

* Old age home visits.

* Palliative care visits.

* Blood donation camps.

* Awareness programs.

* Agriculture works in and out of campus.

* NSS day celebrations.

* Flash mobs.

* Survey programs for various needs.

* Awareness rallys.

* Road constructions.

* Punarjani project ( Hospital renovation) at adimaly govt taluk hospital for 7 day annual camp 2015.

* Sparsham (programme conducted for disabled peoples).

* We celebrate every important day.

The seven day annual camps conducted by ICET makes very helpful to the peoples and for the society. The NSS annual camp of 2016 was the cleaning of Virippakkatu chira in Kottappady Grama panchayath. It was 2.5 acre chira and cleaned within 3 days. The great effort taken by the volunteers and the programme officers were rewarded by a Memento by the Kottappady Gramapanchayath President. The Annual camp of 2015 was punarjani project at Adimaly govt taluk hospital. NSS volunteers of our college painted the beds, tables, stands etc and give them a new life. For our work, we received an award from former Minister of Electricity, Kerala, Sri. Aryadan Muhammed. We always serve to society and for the welfare of people.