All the students should strictly observe the following rules to improve the general academic ambience of the college.

  • All the students are expected to be present in their class rooms before the beginning of the classes at 8.55 am in the morning and 1.45 pm in the afternoon. Those who come late should get a written permission from the staff advisor/ HOD to enter the class.

  • ICET dress code should be strictly followed on all working days except on Wednesdays.

    • Pants and full sleeve shirts.

    • Shirt must be tucked in.

    • For girls over coats are compulsory.

    • All students must wear shoes.

    • On Wednesdays the dressing must be modest. Casual wears, T-shirts, skirts, short tops etc are not  permitted. For boys pants and shirts, and for girls churidar / jeans and long tops are advised.

    • ID cards are compulsory in the campus.

    • MBA and MCA students should follow the dress code prescribed by their departments.

  • A minimum of 75% attendance is required to appear for the university examination.

  • A minimum of 85% attendance is required to appear for all series examinations conducted  by the institute.

  • No retest will be given to the students who are absent for the assignment(written)/ series test, unless the parents request to the HOD with genuine reason or with a medical certificate.

  • If a student is absent for any day/ days, he/she should submit the leave application recommended by the staff advisor/ HOD within 3 days.

  • Sanction for duty leave should be obtained before availing the leave. Once the leave is availed the certificate of leave should be submitted in the office within 3 days duly signed by the staff advisor/ HOD.

  • The college takes a lot of pain to clean the desks in the class room for the university examinations. Students are earnestly advised not to tarnish the furniture by writing, drawing or etching.

  • Mobile phones are banned in the campus during regular class hours. If anybody is found using mobile phones during class hours, the phone will be confiscated.

  • Students are directed to strictly observe the traffic rules and parking guidelines in the campus. Over speed and careless driving is not allowed. Instructions by the security personnel in this regard should be followed.

  • Registration procedure to the higher semester must be completed as per the schedule published from time to time.

  • Students without Gate Pass will not be allowed to go outside the campus from 9.00 am to 4.35 pm except lunch break. Gate Pass will be issued by staff advisors.

  • Fine will be levied from those who violate the above rules.

College Working days: Monday to Friday (Saturday on notification)


Monday to Thursday


(9.00am to 4.35pm)

[55 minutes duration]

Ist Period

9.00am to 9.55am



2nd Period

9.55am to 10.50am




10.50am to 11.00am



3rd Period

11.00am to 11.55am



4th Period

11.55am to 12.50pm



Lunch Break

12.50pm to 1.50pm



5th Period

1.50pm to 2.45pm



6th Period

2.45pm to 3.40pm



7th Period

3.40pm to 4.30pm








(9.00am to 4.30pm)

[50 minutes duration]

Ist Period

9.00am to 9.50am



2nd Period

9.50am to 10.40am




10.40am to 10.50am



3rd Period

10.50am to 11.40am



4th Period

11.40am to 12.30pm



Lunch Break

12.30pm to 2.00pm



5th Period

2.00pm to 2.50pm



6th Period

2.50pm to 3.40pm



7th Period

3.40pm to 4.30pm


Browsing zone timing

Monday to Friday

9.00 am to 6.30 pm


9.00 am to 6.30 pm (on working days)

Library Timing

Monday to Friday

8.30 am to 5.30 pm


9.00 am to 1.00 pm

Issue and return of books

9.00 am to 5.30 pm



  • The college working time is from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm. All the students are expected to be present in their class rooms before the beginning of the classes at 8.55am in the morning and 1.45 pm in the afternoon.

  • Late arrival will be recorded, if a student gets 3 late marks, permission from the principal is needed to enter the class.

    • Loitering or bunking class hours will be viewed very seriously.

    • All the students should maintain discipline both inside and outside the campus. They should not indulge in any activity which may bring down the prestige of the college.

    • They should not leave the class room or campus without the permission from class tutors.

    • Students are expected to be courteous in talk and behavior inside the campus. Discourtesy towards any staff will be viewed very seriously.

    • They should not make any noise while moving from class to class.

    • English is the campus language. Students are advised to communicate in English only.

    • They should not sit on parapet walls or staircases.

    • The campus must be kept neat and tidy. Avoid littering. Litter bins may be used to dispose waste materials.

    • Meetings of any kind or collection of money for any purpose should be done only with the permission of the Principal.

    • Circulation of any kind of notice displaying of posters etc should be done only with the permission of the Principal.

    • Political activity is banned in the campus.

    • The Government and the university has issued strict instructions regarding RAGGING. Any student found or reported to have indulged in ragging will be expelled from the college and the matter will be reported to the police.

    • Eve teasing, misbehavior towards opposite sex, threat against staff members etc will be treated as serious case of misconduct.

    • Damaging of furniture, defacing or writing on the walls, misbehavior in the class, neglect of studies and absence without permission will be considered as serious offences.

    • Smoking or consumption of any intoxicants is strictly prohibited in the campus.

    • Students having behavioral or study problems may use the services of campus counselor.

    • Students should take care of their belongings. The college will not take any responsibility for loss or damage of such things.

    • Any damage to college property will be seriously viewed and the cost of repair and fine will be collected from the students.



  •     All the students should be punctual to the classes and maintain 100% attendance.

  •      Leave application duly signed by the parents/wardens shall be submitted to the staff advisor for prior permission

  •    Permission to leave the campus during working hours can be granted only by the concerned HOD or principal on written request.

  •    Medical Certificate should be produced along with application for sick leave.

  •    Leave of absence due to sickness, family functions, participation in academic competitions or in sports and cultural events shouldn’t exceed 25% of the total attendance.

  •    Students with less than 75% attendance will not be permitted to write the university examinations.

  •    A minimum of 85% attendance is required to appear for all series examinations conducted  by the institute.

  •   No retest will be given to the students who are absent for the assignment (written)/ series test, unless the parents request to the HOD with genuine reason or with a medical certificate.


The academic progress and development of each student is closely monitored by this system. A staff member is in charge of about 30 students.  A record will be maintained for each student regarding their academic progress. The staff advisor(tutor)  will closely interact with the students frequently and provide necessary guidance and counseling to the students. The Staff advisor act as a link between the parents and the college. He/She will help the students to solve their personal problems, to deal with learning difficulties and give information regarding career opportunities.


The central library of ICET is in the administrative block and it is very near to the main entrance of the college. It is a well established library and its collections are fully automated with bar-code. Its area comes about 857 sq.m. and it reading area can accommodate 200 members at a time. There is also a subordinate library, for the MBA/MCA students and its faculty, in the MBA block.

            It has a huge collection of volumes spreading over various branches of engineering and general subjects. The collections include more than 28000 volumes of books, 360-bound volumes of journals, 150 e-books, 2226 CDs and DVDs, 2200 project reports etc. There are 47 on-line journals apart from IEEE journals. The library also holds huge collection of reference books to facilitate the learners to prepare for GATE, TOFEL, IELTS,GRE,PSC and other competitive examinations. It has about 120 journals including national and international. Similarly 20 periodicals are procured annually to give current awareness to library users.

            Attached to the main central library, there is a digital library, which is fully furnished and air conditioned. This can  accommodate 35 members at a time. It holds on-line resources like IEEE journals and technical journals. Here, users can refer CDs, DVDs, e-books etc. It is supported by wi-fi with 18 Mbps leased line and hence, users can browse the internet.

Library Usage Guidelines

  •    Strict silence should be observed in the library.

  •    Only students with ID card are allowed to enter the library.

  •    Students without uniform are not allowed to enter the library except on Wednesdays.

  •    Books and other materials should not be brought to the library.

  •    The library staff members are always ready to help the students. Students may request them for any information/materials they needed.

  •    Own Books, journals should be handled with care, the users will be responsible for any damage/disfigurations caused and pay the fine.

  •    Students can borrow 3 books at a time using ID cards.

  •    Library users are not permitted to use others ID cards while charging or discharging their books.

  •    Ensure the conditions of the book, before you get the same or the book issued.

  •    Do not write, mark/underline or sign on the library books.

  •    The borrowed book should be returned on the date marked on the label of the book/card. Absence from the college will not be an excuse.More than one renewal is not allowed.

  •    A fine of Rs.1/- will be charged per book per day from the defaulters.

  •    Loss of library books should be reported to the librarian immediately. Books lost or damaged will have to be replaced

  •    Reference books, journals, magazines and news papers should not be taken out of the library.

  •    The library timings and other details will be displayed on the library notice board from time to time.


  •    Hostel facilities are available for all the boys and girls in need of accommodation  in the campus. All the hostels have modern facilities for comfortable stay & studies.

  •   Hostels will be under the control of hostel committee consisting of Manager, Trust Members, Principal, Chief warden and faculty.

  •   The chief warden assisted by the resident wardens or hostel manager /matron in charge of discipline and all matters connected with the regular working of the hostel.

  •   The hostel committee has full authority to terminate the accommodation of an inmate without notice for violation of hostel rules and for misconduct.

  •   Inmates shall keep their rooms clean.  They shall be responsible for the safety of the articles supplied to them. They should not tamper the electrical fittings, furniture, water and sanitary fittings or any other hostel properties. The walls, doors, or any surface should not be disfigured by writing, pasting, nailing etc. They will be fined for such damages and breakages.

  •    Inmates are not allowed to use the stove, heater or any electrical appliances in the room.

  •    Any extra electrical connection may be done with the permission of the warden/matron.

  •    The college and hostel authorities will not take any responsibility for money and other valuables kept in the room.

  •    Inmates should switch off light and fan after use and lock the room when they go out.

  •    All the inmates must be in their rooms at the time of roll call. Inmates are not permitted to enter other rooms during study time

  •    Complete silence should be observed during the study time. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited during study time. Phones must be submitted to the wardens/matrons before the start of  study time and returned only at 6.30 a.m. next day.

  •    Shouting, reading aloud, playing music and such other acts which are likely to cause disturbances to other inmates are not permitted.

  •    Inmates are not permitted to convene meeting in the absence of wardens in the hostel premises. No circulation or subscription lists shall be taken around.

  •    Smoking, playing cards, use of liquors and narcotics are strictly prohibited.

  •    Inmates should not indulge in fighting and use of abusive languages.

  •    Use of crackers and fireworks inside/outside of the hostel buildings are not allowed.

  •    Permission of warden/matron is needed to bring friends and day scholars to the hostel. Nobody should be brought to the hostel to stay during night.

  •    The main gate of the BOY’s HOSTEL will remain closed from 8:00p.m. to 6:30am. For emergency purpose, they may go out after 8:00p.m with the permission of the wardens. Inmates coming from far-off places should reach the hostel before 8:00pm or after 6:00am next day morning.

  •    The main gate of LADIES HOSTEL will remain closed from 6.00pm to 6:30am in the morning. For emergency cases, they may request the matrons for arrangements and conveyance.

  •    Inmates leaving the hostel shall enter their names, the purposes, the time of leaving and returning to the hostel, in the movement register kept by the wardens or matrons.

  •    An inmate vacating the hostel should give 5 days written notice and bring request letter signed by the tutor and HOD and bring their parents/guardian to meet the Principal/Management. All dues must be cleared before vacating the hostel.

  •    Ill treatment or harassment of junior and newly admitted is a serious offence and considered as RAGGING. The offenders will be summarily expelled from the hostel and the matter will be reported to the police.

  •    Any other acts or behavior that may damages the peace and prestige of the hostel or college also will be considered as indiscipline and offenders are liable to disciplinary action.

  •    The decision of the college and hostel authorities will be final with regards to discipline matters.